You can book by sending us a  booking request. We will then contact you to finalise the  contract
which needs to be signed and returned to us within the following 15 calendar days together with a
cheque at the order of "SCI Manoir du Rouergou". The amount will include the rent and a
deposit of 1.500,00 €. It is also possible to book by simply paying 30% of the agreed rent and by
sending us the signed  
booking request form.

Payment (cleared funds) needs to reach us at least 3 months before the beginning of the rental
period. It can also be made by electronic transfer to our following account.

We will also ask you to provide a copy of your
personal insurance certificate.

Contact us

Chantal Crenne
SCI Manoir du Rouergou
Le Rouergou
46150 St Medard

Tel/Fax: +33 5 65 21 42 59

Cleaning : 2 possible options

- if you want us to clean the premises after the event, you need to pay an additional amount of
150 €

- if you prefer to clean the premises yourself, the job must be complete the following morning at
11:00 am, extendable at our discretion.

If the premises are not cleaned to our satisfaction we will deduct all the relevant costs that we
would then subsequently incur from your deposit and we will then invoice you accordingly.

Specific terms and conditions

The premises cannot be used for commercial activities.

If you want to use the park for buffets, barbecues and any other activity, please tell us in
advance, to allow proper coordination with the other activities that we may organise at the same

At your demand and with our authorisation, a reception tent can be installed. We will charge a
small additional amount equal to the additional insurance premium that we would actually incur.
You will need to organise this by contacting
contractors. We can give you a list of relevant
contacts. We will determine with you the most appropriate time schedule for installing and
removing this equipment.

We wish you will enjoy organising your events at Manoir du Rouergou.
SCI Manoir du Rouergou, Société Civile Immobilière au capital de 100 euros, immatriculée au registre du
commerce de Cahors sous le numéro RCS CAHORS 451 978 944. Siège social: Le Rouergou, 46150 St. Médard -
France. Tel/Fax: +33 5 65 21 42 59. Email:
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